CSP Solar Ltd was established through a collaboration of Town Planners, Acquisition surveyors, Renewable investment consultants and civil engineers to acquire and develop solar farms from 2MWp up to 30 MWp in the UK.

Although a relatively new business, CSP Solar's team brings together more than 50 years of experience in planning renewables, civil engineering, construction and commercial funding partnerships.

CSP Solar has an intricate knowledge of the UK town planning system; we have three in-house chartered town planners who are all members of the Royal Town Planning Institute. CSP Solar has expertise in a wide range of renewable energy applications. To date CSP Solar has 100% success rate securing planning permission for Large-scale PV installation and this has been achieved through working closely with design teams, local planning departments, local councillors and residents.

Through exclusive procurement partnerships we have sourced the latest component manufacturers to ensure long-term reliability and maximum return on investment. All of our PV installations are eligible for either Feed in Tariff (FiT) a Renewable Obligation Certification (ROC).

Our solar farms are designed to generate excellent financial returns for landowners over a fixed period of time. Typically, leases will run for a minimum period of 21 years and are index linked, providing an incredibly secure income stream.

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